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Our core competence – Healthcare Investing

25 years experience - 22 healthcare experts - GBP 8.3 bn
With 22 experts we are specialist in healthcare investing with the broadest range of innovative healthcare strategies in Europe managing assets of GBP 7.1 bn in this section. BB Biotech has been a leader in Biotech investing for over 25 years. In addition, BB Healthcare strategy offer both closed ended and open ended solutions for active investments in the global healthcare sector. 

Committed to active asset management

We pursue a high conviction approach and have benchmark independent, fundamental bottom-up driven investment style. Our employees are both investment experts and entrepreneurs, and they have a stake in the success of their own clients. This culture goes hand in hand with a strong conviction in active management with a high degree of discipline. Bellevue’s basic business philosophy gives the portfolio management teams the entrepreneurial freedom they need to deliver what we promise. There are no high-level investment committees or CIOs. All of our expert teams within the various product areas, which operate independently, are distinguished by a high degree of responsibility, respect and visionary leadership. This has kept us and our clients one step ahead of the broader investment community since 1993.

Board of Directors

As a healthcare investment manager, we create attractive returns and performance for our clients.
  • Member of the Board

    Member of the Board

    Paul Major

    Paul has 26 years of experience in the healthcare sector on the sell-side and was top-rated by a number of institutional investment clients. He was one of the first research partners at Redburn. His work there included bespoke projects on healthcare portfolio construction for several institutions. Paul was previously an analyst and corporate financier at UBS Warburg and studied biochemistry.

  • Member of the Board

    Member of the Board

    Martin Gubler

    Martin Gubler worked thirteen years at PricewaterhouseCoopers AG and nine years at St. Galler Kantonalbank AG. He joined Bellevue Asset Management in 2019 as CFO, COO and CRO. Martin Gubler is a Swiss Certified Public Accountant and Swiss-certified banking expert with Federal Diploma.

  • Member of the Board

    Member of the Board

    Claude Mikkelsen

    Claude Mikkelsen is Director Investor Relations for BB Biotech. Before that, he served as interim Finance Director at Ecron Acunova after his position as Senior Vice President Finance & Investor Relations at Pharmexa. Claude Mikkelsen has a master’s degree in Economics and Law from Aalborg University and has studied at INSEAD in France.

  • Non-Executive Director

    Non-Executive Director

    Dr. Daniel Sigg

    Daniel Sigg held various senior management positions in asset management and consulting. As Global Head at UBS, Daniel Sigg was responsible for institutional asset management before joining the board of Times Square Capital Management in New York in 2000. Today, he is active in financial advisory services as a Principal of DHS International Advisors LLC. In 2007, he joined the Board of Directors of Bellevue Group.