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Excellence in Healthcare Investments

Bellevue – one of the largest healthcare investors
Bellevue Asset Management (UK) Ltd. is part of the Bellevue Group, a Swiss investment manager listed on the Swiss stock exchange (SWX: BBN), and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Founded in 1993, Bellevue is one of the largest and most experienced healthcare investors in Europe.
Across our platforms, the commonality is rigorous bottom up analysis and stock selection within a top-down macro overlay, be it sectoral or geographical specialisation or an over-arching theme. It is widely appreciated that the demographic drivers of healthcare consumption are inexorable; it is the secular growth story of our age.

Our offering

Differentiated approaches for the rapidly evolving healthcare paradigm

  • Global healthcare

    Global healthcare

    Bellevue Healthcare strategies seek to exploit a long-term secular growth theme in healthcare. We invest in a concentrated portfolio of listed or quoted global companies providing new approaches to transform what we view as fundamentally broken healthcare systems around the world.

  • biotechnology


    Since its foundation in 1993, BB Biotech has offered investors direct access to a select portfolio of promising, fast growing and profitable biotech companies  listed on stock markets around the world. Thanks to its strong track record over the years and its systematic strategy and clear focus, it has become one of the world’s largest biotech investors.

A strong commitment to excellent Healthcare investment performance sustained by quality, specialization and innovation is key to our success since 1993.